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2000 injured

200 million homes affected

8.4 million acres of crops lost 

8000 schools closed

Over 1700 casualties

In 2010 we witnessed some of the worst flooding in Pakistan than had ever be seen before. With so much devastation and so many people affected, Masoom was quick to deliver immediate monetary relief to the countless refugees taking up residence in the now infamous white tent refugee camps dotted across the Khyber region. Once the situation was more stable, we began our first large scale construction programme, rebuilding family homes which had been completely destroyed by the flood; many families living on the rubble strewn area where their homes once stood. After this initial phase, 'Nowshera Housing project,' we commenced on a mass regeneration of the area which had much of its infrastructure and economy at standstill. We embarked on water projects, food rations throughout Ramadan, financing small businesses  through our Business Enterprise scheme, carried out many medical aid cases, began sponsoring orphaned children and many other smaller projects which would assist this area which was already poverty stricken before the flooding deepened the harsh realities of its residents. The final phase of 'Nowshera:ReGen' is the community hub project 'Brick By Brick' — a mosque and education centre which is nearing completion. This was Masoom's first attempt at regenerating an entire area by addressing the needs of a community on a holistic level. 

Ramadan 2014

Read 'The tears have dried up' Flood of Misery HERE

Courtesy of Al Jazeera English 2010

Housing Project 

Brick By Brick 

Business Enterprise 

Expert Opinion

"While male prisoners in Pakistan also suffer, the female prisoners’ plight is truly worrying. Like male offenders, the majority of female offenders are poor. However, women enter the criminal justice system with a host of unique medical, psychological, and financial problems and needs that distinguish them from male offenders. Addiction, poverty, unemployment, physical and mental illness, physical and sexual abuse, and homelessness trap women in a cycle of hopelessness and crime. "

Anam Hayat, Pakistan Today


“Women in prison were the most vulnerale of detainees in Pakistan”. The women police centre in Lahore, Jail Road was reported to have a lock-up area exposed to passers by while the bathroom inside had only a four feet wall. These factors caused violation of privacy for women detainees, said an official, adding, women were reportedly also kept in lock-up much beyond the stipulated time, while there were no separate juvenile cells for young girls under eighteen.'

Report by Nation, September 2013


“The misery of these women prisoner is there families no longer care for them or stay in contact with them rather than pursuing their cases due to social stigma.”

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan


Working with imprisoned women and children 

Project STITCH...reap what you sew

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